Digital Signage

More than just Digital Signage
Hyundai has experience over 29 years in display development and innovative solution. Based on a smart and reliable product design considered quickly improving technology, we are offering professional solutions and leading market that makes our display suitable and optimized for any use of recent business. That is how we bring add on values and satisfy our partner. That’s what makes ours more than just display.
Distinguished and more effective feedback
Excellent advertisement effect through the repetition of high-quality images and videos for 24 hours a day. Creates customer interest by providing them with various dynamic information.
Information delivery and communication
Delivers information about events and the weather, news, breaking news, and other information in real time through a network. Can serve as a communication channel between businesses and customers.
Real-time remote control and monitoring
As it is based on the Internet environment, it has been configured in such a way that it can be controlled from any place and at any time. A central manager can manage system control and monitoring.
Supports reliable display in wherever
Indoor and even outdoor display deliever investor can make a business in promotion and campaign regardless any enviroment in the world.
Video Wall Display
Hyundai as leader of digital signage display enhances value of video wall display especcially with cutting edge technogies which is designd for digital advertising, information diplay and meeting room. Video wall display evolved day by day is
exellent in raising business
Large Format Diplay
Hyundai offers innovative digital signage display with imaginative technologies for partner's successful business. With AM and EM series, they ensure stable reliability and advanced technologies designed for targeting
for a maximm performace.
We believe that Hyundai's
Large Format Display gets
close to right tool giving
message to public.
Standalone DIplay
Hyundai known for digital signage recongnizes partner needs his/her own design to expose brand in wherever. Its solution is standalone display able freestanding with mobile function.
This range of display permits
partner use in supermarkte, store,
showroom and shipping mall
regardless of place.
Outdoor Diplay
Hyundai solves the problems inherent in delivering highly readable and reliable displays for outdoor use. With technical knowhow sine 1984, it permits total oudoor display which is Usable and visible even under adverse outdoor conditions. We are proud to make partner enables to have full range
of display by outdoor display.
High Brightneess Diplay
Hyundai knows LED light's efficiency which it is not only more brighter than lamp but it's also eco-friendly as save-energy. That is why we adopt LED backlight to high brightness display for further bright and sharp message. We believe that high brrightness display can be the best tool to lead your business successful.
Hyundai is get ready to provide extra option to become total expert enables to handle optinal part and complete solution of digital sigange.
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